The world of bass fishing, which is near and dear to many of us here in Louisiana, has seen its share of dark times.

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Those times have come about when someone decided that the rules didn't apply to them and decided they would rig the game to tilt in their direction.

I have always said that when it comes to cash prizes like we see in today's events, there are those who will figure a way to cheat.

In fact, if you remember back to May of last year, 2021, two local anglers were caught cheating in a bass tournament that was a fundraiser for orphaned children.

The official word on that came from one of the tournament's organizers:

Officially: Phillip Purcell and Hunter Moss admitted to Wildlife and Fisheries Agents, during the weigh in of the Benefit Tournament on Caddo Lake, of weighing bass they did not catch. Wildlife and Fisheries cited them for gaming law violation.

What's crazy is that the reason we have to submit to polygraph tests after winning one of these events is because of cheaters.  Well, over the weekend, we found out that bass fishing didn't hold the exclusive rights to cheaters as the world of walleye fishing was just turned on its ear with a massive case of cheating. And this was one of the big professional events.

The YouTube Channel KBB Outdoors posted video of the weigh-in and discovery that Jake Runyan and Chase Cominsky had stuffed over eight pounds of lead weights into their fish during the Lake Erie Walleye Trail Championship.

Just watch the video which contains some extremely vulgar profanities and certainly not suitable for work, but certainly demonstrates the anger of other competitors.

While we have received no official word yet, one can only speculate that the two will soon be facing civil, if not criminal, charges.

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