Not to sound like total creepers or anything, but when Lacuna Coil singer Cristina Scabbia visited Shreveport last week, we served her a cup of coffee that she never finished. That styrofoam cup, complete with lipstick stains, is still sitting on Gonzo's desk. OK...that sounded a little creepy.

The cup's existence dates back to Wednesday, April 9 -- the day Lacuna Coil played Strange Brew in Shreveport with Eve to Adam, Kyng and Cilver. So, why exactly is it still in the 99X office?

Gonzo swears he's going to use the DNA left by Cristina on the cup to clone her. Can you imagine? Lacuna Coil concerts for everyone, everywhere, all the time!

When pressed on how he has that technology available to him and whether it was actually legal to clone a human being, he kind of just shrugged and went back to looking at his computer screen to work (we think).

Whatever he's planning, we just hope he does it quick: the coffee inside the cup is starting to get moldy. But it does make for a unique piece of Lacuna Coil memorabilia, doesn't it?