I have lived in Louisiana all my life, but today I learned about two towns in Louisiana I did not know existed. In doing a little research, I found a bunch of really weird town names in Louisiana.

The new ones I learned about are Truxno and Transylvania. Bishop Michael Duca told us about this town. It's one he travels through during his work in the Diocese.

My friend Winzer Andrews told me about his hometown of Truxno which is just north of Farmerville. I'm thrilled to find out that you still learn something new everyday.

Here's the rest of the list of weird town names in Louisiana:

Grosse Tete is west of Baton Rouge. I actually have a friend who bought a piece of land here way back in 1983. I don't know what he ever did with that.

Town of Waterproof
Town of Waterproof

Waterproof  is in Tensas Parish in Northeast Louisiana. It is one of the shrinking small towns in our state. Population dropped from 834 in 2000 to 688 in 2010. The town is named for its relative safety from flooding prior to construction of the levee system for the Mississippi River.

Shongaloo  is in North Webster Parish near the Arkansas state line. The town had 162 people in the 2000 census. Bayou Dorcheat also runs through Shongaloo.

Dry Prong is in the middle of Louisiana in Grant Parish. It has a population of 436. Interesting story about the town name: A family moved to the region in the 1870s to build a sawmill.  To power the mill, they built a water wheel, only to discover that the creek over which they had built it went dry every summer: the creek was a "dry prong".

Kickapoo is in Northwest Louisiana, near the Texas border just south of Shreveport. The town is named for the Kickapoo tribe of Native Americans.

Frogmore  The town took its name from the Louisiana Plantation. Frogmore is in Northeast Louisiana near Natchez.

Tickfaw tubing

Tickfaw  I have spent some time in Tickfaw in Tangipahoa Parish which is north of New Orleans. Tickfaw is an Indian name which means "Rest Among the Pines". I've spent many great days tubing down the Tickfaw River.

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