Did you know 15 of the 26 richest people in the world live in the United States?

While many of us dream about what it would be like to hard tons of money at your disposal, there are those out there who are living that life. How they got that money varies, of course. Some built or created for it, others played or performed for it. Others came into that money because of their last name.

But no matter how they got their wealth, we all want it.

USA Today recently put out a list of the richest people in every state. They also claimed that "the net worth of the world's 26 wealthiest billionaires is $1.4 trillion - the same as the combined wealth of the world's 3.8 billion poorest people." 15 of those people live in the United States. So who is the wealthiest in Louisiana?

Gayle Benson

NFC Championship - Los Angeles Rams v New Orleans Saints
Chris Gray, Getty Images

Gayle's net worth is $2.9 billion. She and her late husband, Tom, were owners of the only two professional sports teams in New Orleans, the Saints (NFL) and the Pelicans (NBA). After Tom passed in 2018, she not only gained control of all of his assets, but also became the sole owner of the Big Easy's teams.

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