When it comes to our children, most all of us are well-intentioned, however, we occasionally have a mental lapse.

We might forget to send them with lunch money, or forget to sign that permission slip.  We might even forget they are getting out early that day and that we need to be there to pick them up.

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However, I'm pretty confident that most all of us have never forgotten that we put our drugs in our child's lunch bag.  But, that's exactly what just happened right here in North Louisiana.

In a recent story published on knoe.com, we learn that a West Monroe, Louisiana woman has been arrested for what she had accidentally packed into her four year old daughter's lunch bag.

Last Tuesday, April 5, 2022, a Louisiana State Police trooper got a call from a Ouachita Parish daycare center about the highly illegal contents they had discovered in this child's lunch.

Jennifer Wise, 35, of West Monroe, dropped off the child at the daycare and after Louisiana State Police investigated the contents of the bag, they knew they needed to speak with Wise.

The police report states that among the contents of the bag, they discovered about one gram of meth, five and a half clonazepam pills, and half a bar of Xanax.

Wise was at her home when police arrived, and allegedly admitted that she had misplaced the drugs and had been looking for them.  After a subsequent search of her home, police discovered an additional nine grams of meth and other drug related paraphernalia.

Wise was booked into the Ouachita Correctional Center on six different drug charges.

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