This day in age if we have have a question, we Google it. No one seems to wonder very long with technology right at our fingertips. But when we do Google, no one keeps track of what we're looking at. Or do they?

Actually, the answer to that question is yes. In fact, the fine folks at did a study and figured out what people in every state Googled more than anyone else. The results are kinda interesting.

For instance, what people in Tennessee Googled more than any other state: "Mr. T. dead?" What?? For your information, he's not. Apparently, they were just double checking. Or how about California..."2016 worst year ever?" That's optimistic...

But what did we here in Louisiana Google most in 2016? Beyonce's Halftime Show. Pretty random in my opinion.

To see other state's results, click HERE.

And time you go to Google something, know that somebody's watching...just sayin'!

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