You will have to dig deep into your pocket to buy everything on the list of "The Twelve Days of Christmas." For some folks it might cost an entire years salary.

The price of three French hens costs the same as last year - $182 - but the price of two turtle doves has jumped from $290 to $375. All the gifts listed in "The Twelve Days of Christmas" will cost $34,363, up $233 from last year.

PNC Wealth Management Christmas Price Index comes out with "The Twelve Days of Christmas" list each year.

Higher labor costs will make the price of the Pipers Piping go up 2.8 percent from $2,635 to $2,708.

The cost of two turtle doves soared 29 percent to $375 this year due to a shortage of birds.

The real bargain this year is the partridge, which fell 20 percent in price to $20 due to an increase in supply.

The cost of five gold rings stayed surprisingly the same at $750.