This year for Christmas I received a dog camera. Well it can probably be used as a baby monitor or a security camera, but it was gifted to me with my dog Olive in mind. I have always wondered what she does when I am away at work working an 8 hour day. I've watched her for a week now and she does A LOT of sleeping. Olive's routine is making her way around the living room to different napping spots. Around 6:00 p.m. she moves over to the glass patio door where she can see everyone and surely judge everyone on their parallel parking. The last couple of days I wondered what my dog did when she heard my car lock, since she is always out of breath and has a toy in her mouth to greet me.

Turns out much like I did as a kid, my dog realizes its time to panic and realize you have a mess of toys spewed out all over the living room. I am pretty sure she goes and tries to find the perfect toy to greet me with everyday which doesn't go unappreciated. I found the footage to be hilarious and am left wondering if my dog had too much caffeine! What weird things have you caught your babies, dogs, cats, or family members do on a baby monitor or security camera? Send us a video or tell us in the comments below!

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