For decades Horror TV hosts have made their impacts from coast to coast. Originally these hosts were limited to local markets, hosting shows that could only be viewed in the regions around major TV markets. But as this concept grew in popularity, and technology got better, some were able to break through and become national icons.

The basic idea was that the host would introduce a featured horror movie, then throughout the film presentation the host would send the audience to commercial break, and bring the audience back from break, with skits and jokes. It's an art that still exists today.

The explosion in popularity was a huge benefit to someone like Elvira (who was in Shreveport this past summer for Geek'd Con) who was suddenly a cultural icon. Jumping from her Movie Macabre show in California to movies and pop culture nationwide. Others like Count Gore de Vol and The Ghoul created legacies in their regions, but never broke through nationally.

Some in the Shreveport and Bossier area may recall Morgus The Magnificent, the New Orleans based horror host who hosted shows between 1959-1989. More recently, classic episodes have been show in the state of Louisiana on various local channels and cable outlets, but it doesn't appear that episodes are currently being shown anywhere are Shreveport.

So what hosts still exist?

Well, through the magic of the internet, there are actually a few. You can find shows online like Cinema Insomnia hosted by Mr. Lobo. A show that has been on-and-off TV for a few years, but has a consistent home online...

Then there's the only current Naionally Syndicated Horror Host on TV...Svengoolie! Who I actually had the pleasure of meeting a few weeks ago at a Geek'd Con event in Rockford, IL.

Svengoolie has been on in the Chicagoland area for decades, and when I was a kid in Michigan, somehow made his way to our local stations. When I spoke with the Svengoolie team, it sounded like one of my local channels may have been owned by the same company as his Chicago homebase, and there was some tape-sharing happening. Either way, I got to see him as a kid, and I'm SO THRILLED that I can watch him in the Shreveport area!

That's right, you can catch a little piece of nostalgia every weekend with a classic horror movie hosted by Svengoolie. His program is carried nationally on the ME-TV network, which is available in the Shreveport and Bossier area!

So there you go! Want to catch some classic horror love weekly in the Shreveport area, you can make your dreams come true.