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Jeff Spicer /Getty Images
Jeff Spicer /Getty Images

There's a growing population around Shreveport and Bossier City that have had just about all of this "Shelter in Place" they can stand.  I gotta admit.  I'm in that crowd.

There's just something about that human interaction outside of my wife and kids that I miss.  I miss hanging out with all my buddies after a bass tournament.  I miss going to my favorite restaurants for a meal.  I miss my church and especially my Sunday School class.

I miss going to high school athletic events and dang it, I need a haircut!  I miss Mellissa, the lady who cuts my hair.  I look like I'm in costume to do a Haughton version of a "Wolfman" movie.

And I'm sure I'm not alone!  This begs the question, "What will be the busiest place around when this quarantine is over?"

I'm thinking that every Mexican food place is going to have two hour long lines just to get in for chips and salsa.  I just mentioned me needing a haircut.  I'll bet every hair salon and barber will have to work seven days a week for a couple months just to get caught up.

I'm thinking that the first night they show any movies at Tinseltown or at the Boardwalk, it won't matter what's playing, it'll be sold out.  Oh, and bars around town?  I bet they run out of beer a couple times a night and they'll actually have to start turning people away just to stay "socially distancing" compliant.

It's gonna be a madhouse...everywhere you go.  Even the gym is gonna be like the first week after New Year's with so many people trying to shed a few quarantine pounds.  Oh, and church services might just be standing room only.  And think of the first concert we have.  It'll probably sell out within minutes.

So, what place do you think will be busiest?  Hope you'll call us tomorrow morning and let us know or just leave a comment here.

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