Well...according to Drinkify, an interesting new web-based time-waster, you don't drink wine while listening to Chickenfoot.  You drink this:

Drinkify is a web app that chooses a cocktail to accompany your inputted musical selection. While enjoying your beverage, it plays a song by your chosen artist. While it is amusing, I had to disagree with the drinks it spat out for some of my favorite bands.  Pantera, for instance...

What?!?!? No 'Black Tooth Grin'? Drinkify was on the right track here with the Jack...but...


While box wine would be the choice for Maynard J. Keenan's redneck alter-ego Billy D, I'm thinking Maynard would prefer if we opt for a bottle of "Judith", from his Merkin Vineyards.

I do have to give Drinkify credit, though...it NAILED Avenged Sevenfold!

Drinkify is a fun way to waste some time at work while you listen to your favorite tunes. Check it out here.