To be honest I haven't been the best at training my dog. I said I was going to put him in obedience classes, but I never got the time. My dog, Rudd, can do a few things like sit and stay. This week's featured app is for folks like me who haven't found the time for obedience training, but want to teach their dog a few things.

First thing I noticed about the app is how precious the graphics are! It is such a cute app. Now, the app's training structure is the "positive clicker training". Which is where you use a clicker and treats to teach and train your dog. BTW--you don't have to purchase a clicker! It is already in the app.

Every day you get a new lesson to use to train your dog. The app tracks your progress and you can modify the lessons to benefit you and your dog. This is such a unique alternative to training books and lessons. Click here for more details about this week's featured app.

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