I'm wearing shorts to work today.  While this may not be earth-shattering news, it is an anomaly for me.  During the summer, I usually wear shorts on Friday because it's Casual Day.  But this is Monday, October 9th.  It's autumn.  I shouldn't be wearing shorts at all.

Why the lapse in sartorial etiquette?  The high today is predicted to be 94 degrees.  As I write this blog the humidity is 91%.  That's August weather.  Shouldn't there be a certain crispness in the air by now?  A cool breeze to give us a respite from the relentless sticky heat?

So, I did a little research.  I decided to look at the high temperatures in October over the last 10 years in Shreveport/Bossier City.  I consulted usclimatedata.com and here's what I found:

  • The highest temperature in October was 98.1 degrees and it happened October 15, 2015.
  • The latest date with a recorded temperature of 90 degrees or above was October 19, 2016, when the high was 91.
  • In three out of the last 10 years the high temperature did not reach 90 degrees: 2008, 2012, and 2013.

In addition, in each of the last 10 years the last day in October where the high temperature was 90 degrees or above was also the last day of the year that the temperature reached that level.

So, I'm wearing shorts today as an act of rebellion.  I'm tired of sweating.  I want to feel that cool crispness in the air.  I want to wear a jacket.  I want to jump into a pile of leaves (if somebody else will rake them for me.)  Never mind that the autumnal equinox occurred on September 22nd.  By radio-announcer decree, I officially proclaim that today is the last day of summer!

Or, maybe Saturday.  It's supposed to be 91 then.



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