Those who know me best are aware of how big a stickler I am for proper grammar, punctuation and spelling. I'm so obsessive about it, I should have been an English teacher.

According to a story on ABC's website, Google has done a good deed for us all -- pulled data from its search trends to come up with the top word each state's residents have the most trouble spelling. The search engine used queries that began with "how to spell," then the word in question, to create its list.

Here in Louisiana, that word is DEFINITELY -- which I have caught friends on many a time. Most people want to put an A where the I should be: DEFINATELY.

So if you're curious which words are problems for our other states, take a look at the list below. How many of these are problems for you, too? Do you have any specific words you misspell often that aren't on this list?

Alabama -- tongue
Alaska -- Hawaii
Arizona -- diarrhea (I have to admit, I also have trouble with this one sometimes.)
Arkansas -- leprechaun
California -- desert (Funny, since the state is home to the Mojave. Speaking of, did you know how to correctly spell Mojave? Several other states also had a problem with this word.)
Colorado -- beautiful
Connecticut -- desert
Delaware -- neighbor
Florida -- tomorrow
Georgia -- appreciate
Hawaii -- boutineer
Idaho -- desert
Illinois -- appreciate
Indiana -- desert
Iowa -- maintenance (Common misspellings I've seen: maintanence, maintenence.)
Kansas -- schedule
Kentucky -- maintenance
Louisiana -- definitely
Maine -- vacuum
Maryland -- cancelled (Technically, the AP Stylebook prefers the use of cancel, canceled and canceling, but favors cancellation over cancelation.)
Massachusetts -- Massachusetts (Funny, right?)
Michigan -- gray
Minnesota -- broccoli
Mississippi -- Sergeant (O.K. -- who doesn't have trouble with that one? Besides people in the military?)
Missouri -- pneumonia
Montana -- vacuum
Nebraska -- guarantee
Nevada -- cousin (REALLY??)
New Hampshire -- diarrhea (See? I'm not the only one who has a hard time with that one.)
New Jersey -- February
New Mexico -- neighbor
New York -- beautiful
North Carolina -- pneumonia
North Dakota -- attitude (Apparently, the folks there have none.)
Ohio -- banana
Oklahoma -- gray
Oregon -- definitely (It's not just a problem in Louisiana!)
Pennsylvania -- cancelled
Rhode Island -- cancelled
South Carolina -- convenience (People like to replace those vowels. It's not CONVENIANCE.)
South Dakota -- gray
Tennessee -- courtesy (In all fairness, it does look weird, right?)
Texas -- niece (This one follows that whole "I before E" rule.)
Utah -- leprechaun (Hmm...another state that apparently doesn't celebrate St. Patrick's Day?)
Vermont -- possible
Virginia -- cancelled
Washington -- pneumonia
West Virginia -- giraffe
Wisconsin -- vacuum
Wyoming -- ornery (That's a toughie, too!)

***Note: I really had to read and re-read this entire story before putting it on the website, just to make sure I didn't make any typos that could be confused for my inability to spell. I didn't see any, but I'm confident that if you do -- you'll certainly point them out to me.

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