Recently I took a trip to the "Big D" for a get together with a few fellow LSU fans.  That get together was the 75th anniversary of the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic in the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium.  Just as I was trying to get over the shock and awe of "Jerry's World" I was blown away by the fact that to the Texas A&M fans,  I was just a walking wiener on a stick dipped in batter and deep fried.

I found this quite surprising as I've been an LSU fan my entire life and have never know that other schools, including Texas A&M, refer to LSU fans as "corndogs."   I kept hearing, "Man, it sure smells like corn dogs around here," by all these Aggie fans.  I asked around and not ONE single Aggie fan could tell me from where the term originated from.  Not surprising when you consider how many of them it takes to change a light bulb.

I did some digging and turns out, From The Bleachers has the story of where the mess all began. Apparently, LSU fans smell like corn dogs.

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