The Louisiana Department of Health is starting to keep track of places where people in Louisiana are being infected with the coronavirus.

The LDH website explained the parameters for cases to appear on this list:

As of July 8, 2020, LDH is reporting the number of COVID-19 outbreaks and associated cases in non-congregate settings. This information will be updated every Wednesday. An outbreak is defined as 2 or more cases among unrelated individuals that have visited a site within a 14-day time period. - Louisiana Department of Health

The #1 setting where the coronavirus has been spread in an "outbreak", according to the Louisiana Department of Health, is "Food Processing" facilities with 11 separate outbreaks resulting in a total of 423 coronavirus cases.

The second setting, with 36 outbreaks resulting in a total of 393 cases, is "Bars".

Rounding out the top 5:

  • Industrial Settings: 16 outbreaks, 117 cases
  • Colleges/Universities: 3 outbreaks, 84 cases
  • Restaurants: 16 outbreaks, 68 cases
Louisiana Department of Health


Louisiana Department of Health

Private social events appear to be risky: 7 weddings had outbreaks resulting in 31 cases, and 3 private "social events" resulted in 38 cases.