There are projections aren't that geographically messed up for LSU's potential Bowl Game. I say "potential" because LSU's Athletic Department showed us, at the end of basketball season, that post-season play isn't that important to them. With all of the coaching rumors swirling, it may cause pause inside the program. But realistically, there's so much money tied to these bowls, LSU is going bowling.

So where will they likely be heading?

A lot of the "talking heads" at major sports networks are picking them to be one of the final SEC slots with a bowl that the conference partners with, which could be REALLY good news for LSU fans in Shreveport (we'll get to that). Let's take a look at some of the bowls the experts are sending LSU to:

ESPN Projections:

Mark Schlabach - Belk Bowl vs. North Carolina, 12/29 in Charlotte, NC

Brett McMurphy - TaxSlayer Bowl vs. Pitt, 12/31 in Jacksonville, FL

CBS Sports Projections:

Liberty Bowl vs. Baylor, 12/30 in Memphis, TN

Fox Sports Projections:

Belk Bowl vs. Virgina Tech, 12/29 in Charlotte, NC

USA Today Projections:

TaxSlayer Bowl vs. North Carolina, 12/31 in Jacksonville, FL

Bleacher Report Projections:

Belk Bowl vs. North Carolina, 12/29 in Charlotte, NC

So the options are sparse at this point. With LSU's win totally capped at 7, it gets them into a bowl game, but keeps them from the top-tier games like the Sugar Bowl, Citrus Bowl and Outback Bowl. The program should consider themselves lucky that Alabama is nearly a lock for a Playoff spot, because it takes them out of the SEC bowl commitments, and frees up a spot.

Now, If LSU were to lost tonight at Texas A&M, it would throw a wrench into this Belk Bowl/TaxSlayer Bowl mix. LSU fans in Shreveport should be rooting AGAINST LSU tonight if they want a chance at seeing LSU in the Independence Bowl on Dec 26th (By the way, the hometown station for the Independence Bowl is 1130 The Tiger, you can hear the official show of the Indy Bowl, I-Bowl Weekly Wednesdays at 4pm, and you can hear the Independence Bowl broadcast on 12/26 on 1130AM in Shreveport).

Our best bet right now, is that LSU cruises past Texas A&M, ends up with 7 wins, and heads to Charlotte to play in the Belk Bowl.