Get ready! Mardi Gras season is upon us. Here in Louisiana, we take King Cake serious. So serious we even have King Cake soda by Abita and King Cake ice cream by Blue Bell. There are many places that sell King Cake, I have only tried King Cake from one place, might I add it was DELISH! Friends and family from all over always ask me to bring them King Cake because it isn't a popular treat in Dallas or in East Texas for that matter. Rightfully so, King Cake is delicious.

Where do you go to get your King Cake fix? Tell us about the bakery or store where you know they have the best King Cake. We know there are several places in the Ark-La-Tex that have the King Cake connection. We need you to help us find the best King Cake in the area! Tell us in the comments below.

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