Have You Caught the "White Lotus" Fever Yet?

If you have yet to watch "White Lotus" you are missing out. Without spoiling it for you I will say there is one character in the first season that you'll instantly fall in love with. Rachel will probably be one of your favorite characters. Rachel is played by Alexandra Daddario. Her character isn't hard to relate to, she's a newlywed who feels out of place, and for some reason, you just end up pulling for her character.

Alexandra Daddario Just Gave Shreveport a Shout Out on Kelly Clarkson's Show and We Don't Know How to Feel About It.

She went on to Kelly Clarkson Show to talk about her new supernatural series "Mayfair Witches,". The conversation led to Kelly asking her if she had ever experienced anything supernatural herself, and that's when Daddario quickly brought up her time spent filming in a little town outside of Shreveport. Daddario was in the Shreveport area filming the "Texas Chainsaw 3D" when something terrifying happened on set.

Daddario Claims She Has Never Found an Explanation for the Ghost Encounter.

"I've never found an explanation for it." she told Kelly Clarkson. The real-life ghost encounter really shook up a crew member and the crew member couldn't go back to work. You can hear Daddario explain the story below.

Just Looking at Some Short Scenes of Texas Chainsaw 3D It Feels Very Eerie.

Who wouldn't want to bail out of that movie?

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Our location information comes from IMDB. All of these shows are listed by IMDB to be filmed in Louisiana, even if it was just some scenes, seasons, or reshoots.

Louisiana Born Actors Who Have Appeared In Horror Films

Not all Horror movies have to be bloody and gory. There are are Horror movies made for kids, teens, TV, and even comedic Horror movies. So we're going to include all of them. Not to mention the fact we're including TV as well. We also took our information about where these celebrities were born from IMDB. So if we got one wrong, it's their fault.

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