I visited my hometown of Terrell, Texas, this past weekend to attend my grandmother's 98th birthday party.  Terrell still has the same population it did when I was in high school which is about 15,000.  As we were leaving town to return to Shreveport, I noticed a billboard on the side of the road advertising the new Jamie Foxx movie, Sleepless.  Which seemed kind of surreal.

You see, Jamie Foxx is from Terrell.  He grew up as Eric Bishop.  Eric was a few years younger than me, and I played high school sports with some of his cousins.  He's by far the most famous person to ever come out of our little town.  (I've been on the radio in different towns around the country for the past 30 years, but most of the people I know from Terrell are still not quite sure what I do.  Since it's radio you rarely see my face. Which is a good thing.  Cuz I've got a face for radio.)

I did a little research and there are a ton of famous people to come out of the Shreveport area--Terry Bradshaw, Hank Williams Junior, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and Alan Autry to name a few.  (Alan played "Bubba" Skinner on In The Heat Of The Night with Carroll O'Connor.)

So who's the next famous person we'll be hearing about that's from the Ark-La-Tex?

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