I haven't taken I-20 on my way to work in years, probably four or five years at least. To be honest, the years away from I-20 have been great. Taking I-220 to work every day from Benton to Shreveport has been a dream. I'm not kidding, I can think of maybe two or three times in years that I've been stuck in traffic for an unreasonable amount of time while driving to work on I-220.

This morning, however, I had to take I-20 because, like a fool, I expected that route to be faster while heading to Mansfield road. Theoretically, it should be. Hell, I-20 breaks down to four lanes both ways in and around downtown Shreveport. There's no logical reason for traffic to be as bad, no, as CONSISTENTLY bad in and around downtown Shreveport. When I say around downtown Shreveport, I'm talking about Old Minden Road to the overpass towards Alexandria.

Of course, less than  a mile after entering I-20 and heading to Shreveport, I was caught in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Instantly I recalled all of the mornings where the same exact thing happened to me over and over again back when I was an I-20 guy, The truth is, sure it's bad around 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, expectedly, but I-20 near downtown routinely slows down traffic at all times during the day.

I can't wrap my head around how that's possible on such a reliable basis. I get that I-20 has more drivers than say I-220 and I-49, but the difference shouldn't be so dramatic that slow-downs are increased say 200% on I-20. I say again, I-20 near downtown has FOUR LANES.

This article has been a good way for me to vent this morning, and if I ever have to drive on I-20 near downtown Shreveport again, it will be too soon.


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