Stephen Waguespack from the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry talks about the upcoming legislative session and the possibility of tax reform - and cuts - for businesses across the state.

"Obviously, it's helping businesses get back on their feet," Waguespack says, talking about his legislative priorities, "And we think the best way to do that is tax reform. There's a couple of bills bouncing around the capitol and we think those can make a big difference, especially to small and mid-size businesses.

"The top one is centralized sales tax collection. If you are a small business in Louisiana you have to go through about fifty tax collectors, an army of audits and a lot of different assessments. Other states don't do it that way. (Louisiana) makes it harder for in-state guys struggling to keep their doors open. It's not fair. it's not right. We're trying to put some parity in there."

Wags then emphasizes that this reform has support from legislators in both parties. "A task force that was put together...of local and state government and business. At the end we passed a unanimous resolution to support centralized collection. So, everyone in concept is in agreement. It'll take 70 votes to get this done, so you're going to have to have bipartisan agreement."

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