John Kay of Louisiana's Pelican Institute talks about the about-to-begin special legislative session and what he sees as the major issues to be tackled.

Kay says that at the top of his list of priorities for state legislators is curbing the emergency declaration authority of the Governor. "This much power shouldn't be vested in one person, regardless of who it is, regardless of which party holds the Governor's mansion," he says. "You shouldn't have one person who can call an emergency declaration and extend it in perpetuity without any oversight from another governmental body."

Kay continues, explaining the proposal that his think tank - and many legislators - are backing. "The proposal is simple. The Governor would still have the authority to (declare) a public health emergency, but only for thirty days. And if, after thirty days, he wants to renew that public health emergency, he has to seek input and approval from the legislature. It's a checks and balances approach to something that most people didn't think about before COVID 19. This would provide checks and balances and safeguards for the people of Louisiana."

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