The New Orleans Saints have a chance to host one more playoff game this year, but they have to have a couple of things come together to make it happen.

First, the Atlanta Falcons will have to beat the Philadelphia Eagles in Philadelphia. But if that is to happen, there's still one more thing that has to happen...the Saints need to actually win.

But that's not going to be that easy. Here's more on their match-up from the Louisianan Radio Network:

"Moving the chains could be difficult for the Saints Sunday in their NFC playoff matchup with the Vikings. Minnesota leads the NFL in yards allowed per game and points given up. Also, the Vikings have only allowed teams to convert 25-percent of the time on third down. Quarterback Drew Brees says they’ll need to have success on first and second downs.

The Vikings are also allowing just 84 yards a game on the ground. New Orleans has failed to rush for more than 100 yards in four of their last five games."

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