This Sunday, we get to Shout at the Devil one last time as Motley Crue makes their final stop in Shreveport/Bossier. The Crue is on their final tour. But, before they go, we are going to celebrate Three Decades of Decadence with a Motley Crue wake!

We will be holding a traditional Irish Wake (and we use traditional is the loosest way possible...but there will be beer and it is a day before they're gone so we got that going for us) at Scot's Cycles Saturday from 3-5pm this Saturday (October 11th).

Which means it is time to party and celebrate the life of the soon to be departed Bad Boys from Hollywood. And not only will it be a party of epic proportions but we'll also be hooking you guys up with tickets to the show, all sorts of goodies, and a Crue autographed guitar!

So make your plans now to join us now for a party of epic proportions! You can skip the registration process and get right to the front of the line in our VIP Store.

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