Do you know the superstition about washing your hands for good luck? It's an old belief that you can put bad luck behind you and start with a clean slate by washing your hands.



--It's probably related to the phrase 'to wash your hands of it' . . . when you don't want to be associated with the bad consequences of something.



--Well apparently, without realizing it . . . people take it literally.



--A study at Hong Kong University had students bet real money on a game of chance. After a few games, some people could wash their hands and some couldn't. Then, they got to bet on a few more games.



--The researchers found that people who got to wash their hands after losing streaks bet almost TWICE as much as people who didn't get to wash their hands.



--The researchers say that we subconsciously believe that washing our hands really CAN remove bad luck . . . even though we would all say that's ridiculous.



(Wall Street Journal)