This guy (who from all indications is hopelessly gay) may have the best gig in the world. Other than Puff's.  Ok, just forget may have. There's no doubt that he HAS the best gig in the world.

Victoria's Secret minx Adriana Lima was recently in St. Barts on a shoot, when this guy pops  up performing the enviable task of arranging her fun bags so they look just right. And since they look just right in every photo she's ever been in, obviously Herve here is a very busy, and very happy, man. (Well, he would be happy if he weren't obviously, hopelessly gay.)

Are there vocational schools that offer Breast Fluffer as a degree program? Where do you apply for a job like this? Hell, I’d happily do it as an unpaid internship. Adriana, I'm in the book. And outside your window on alternate Tuesdays and Thursdays.


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