Cards on the table: I have no artistic skills whatsoever. My small children return home from school with paintings that dwarf anything I could create today, much less when I was doing in second grade. So I respect how difficult it is to create things. I sometimes have to design images in Photoshop for this website, and it’s hard! It is hard.

But c’mon; we see dozens of movie posters every single year, and most of them are absolutely lovely. The people who make them are supposed to be professionals. This is their job. And generally they are very good at what they do. But every so often, a movie poster comes along that just looks a little ... off. Or, in the case of the posters we’re about to look at here, very off.

These are my picks for the 25 worst examples of Photoshopped movie posters ever, ranked in order from almost passable to unholy crimes against nature and the aging process. I promise you, I did not alter these in any way. Like I said, I have no artistic skills whatsoever. I couldn’t make something that looked this weird even if I wanted to...

The Worst Photoshopped Movie Posters

These movie posters show that using Photoshop is a lot harder than it looks.
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