Uber and Lyft are in the news this week because Louisiana legislators will soon be deciding whether or not to put statewide operating rules in place for ride-sharing companies.  Jackson Representative Kenny Havard will be introducing legislation in the upcoming session that would require companies to perform background checks on all drivers and keep records of every trip.  Uber and Lyft are in favor of the plan because, as it is now, each community is setting their own rules which will lead to complete confusion.

Background checks for drivers are nice, but what's that going to do to protect drivers from the riders?  In New Orleans on Monday, an Uber driver shot at a couple of men who were trying to carjack him.  The assailants ran as the shooting started, and one was wounded in the process.

Both Uber and Lyft say they have no timetable for starting operations in the Shreveport/Bossier City area.  But, with the rash of shootings in Shreveport, would you even consider driving for a ride-sharing company?

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