It's a BOY! No, wait...

It was actually a girl, but this couple from Baton Rouge, LA initially THOUGHT they were having a boy due to a mixup with their confetti cannon order.

I've always wondered if something like this could ever happen, and Myles and Lexi Laroux gave me my answer. You can see the excitement on their expecting faces as they celebrate the news that a baby boy is on the way, but in an instant, their excitement turned into "WTF?!?"

According to a Facebook post by Myles, the company used to purchase the confetti cannons accidentally shipped the wrong color. He even provided a screengrab of the receipt that clearly says "pink" but as you can see in the video it was VERY blue.

Facebook, Myles Laroux

At the end of what Laroux described as an emotional rollercoaster perfectly fit for 2020, all was well as everyone in the family was excited for Baby Girl Laroux and now they definitely have a very memorable story to tell for life.

Congrats to the Laroux family!

Facebook, Myles Laroux

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