Tonight in Texarkana, you can see WWE Champion Jinder Mahal in action. The Modern Day Maharaja has had an interesting couple years. He went from being fired from the WWE, to working real estate, to returning as a 'jobber', to becoming WWE World Champion.

Say what you want about Jinder, but since his return, he has busted his ass to become a main event player. Dude's diet and work out plan is absolutely insane! I've always been a Jinder fan (yeah, I was the one) but after chatting with him, EVERYONE should be rooting for the guy. He looks like a champ, he acts like a champ and he's putting in the work to stay champ.

If you want to see Mahal, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, Randy Orton and more in action, buy your tickets to the Smackdown Live Event here. 

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