Late in WWE's weekly live show, Monday Night Raw, the story started to surface that WWE Superstar Seth Rollins Tweeted and Instagramed a nude photo of NXT developmental diva Zahra Schreiber:


Now this was an interesting post from Rollins official account. Raised a lot of eyebrows and questions...most notably from Rollins' fiancee Leighla Schultz. Clearly she wasn't pleased that Rollins Tweeted a pic of another woman, naked. So she fired back with some nude shots of him, with a pretty telling caption:

Now these pics have obviously been blurred, however with just a little research, you can find the unedited ones online.

Rollins has been getting one of the biggest pushes by the company over the last year. He's currently a marquee name and performer during local shows, weekly TV shows, and even Pay-Per-Views. Rollins fiancee's account responded to the nude photos with naked pics of Rollins:

There are A LOT of juicy questions about this (did someone just get caught cheating?) the biggest may be what happens with Seth Rollins WWE career now? Does this mean the company will end his push? Who knows, this could be his Kardashian moment and he could become the biggest thing they have.


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