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Yellowstone is easily the hottest series out on TV and there are a lot of people who are straight-up fanatics about the show. Are you one of them?

I think it's safe to say that I qualify as a Yellowstone addict living in the great state of Louisiana... which is the complete opposite of Montana! Even though I was late to the 'Yellowstone' party, I'm here now. Just don't tell anyone that I didn't watch the first three seasons until this past summer. Sshhhh! I know it's embarrassing! However, I counted down to the return of the new season of Yellowstone just like every other woman with a crush on Rip.

As I pointed out earlier, Louisiana and Montana are totally different... from the terrain to agriculture and even litter, we're worlds apart, but that doesn't stop us from enjoying the show. And with that, here are the five ways you know you've become a Yellowstone addict from Louisiana.

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