I've ALWAYS been a huge Bill Hicks fan. For me, when it comes to stand up comedy, the 4 biggest influences on me are: Hicks, Carlin, Pryor and Kinison. I love those guys. They've changed my life. They gave me a different way to view and perceive the world. For that, I'll always be grateful.

So, to me, this is like the coolest thing ever. On Bill's birthday, in his home town of Austin Texas, the Wildlife Foundation he set up is throwing a huge birthday bash in honor of Bill.

Its going down Saturday December 16th at the Austin School of Film. The event is absolutely free. And not only will there be cake, good people and everything else you expect at a cool kid's party. But, the school will also be screening Bill's first major stand up special 'Sane Man'.

All that is really asked is that you make a donation (whatever you can spare) to the Bill Hicks Wildlife Foundation, so they can keep saving the animals Bill loved so much. Even if you can't make the event, you should still make a donation in Bill's honor. Not only does it go to a good cause, but they also have some cool stuff that you can score for doing a good deed.

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