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With schools across our area underway or set to start soon, keeping everyone involved safe is a primary concern.  Strict guidelines and policies have been put in place in order to curb the spread of the Coronavirus at campuses across the country.  Most folks are concerned with the two big questions this situation raises:  1 - Will these measures be enough to keep kids from trading germs, then taking said germs home?  2 - Will folks actually follow the rules, or will we have folks forget (and in some cases, refuse) to adhere to the protocols put in place to protect us?

If you are planning for your kids to attend school in person this year, and you see that students, teachers, administrators, or anyone not taking the required precautionary steps put in place to keep this virus at bay - what do you do?  Jump out of your vehicle in the car line and throw a fit?  Post pictures of the transgression on Facebook?  How about snitching?

The Louisiana Department of Education is serious about schools toeing the line when it comes to policy put in place to combat the spread of the Coronavirus.  So serious in fact, they have set up an email address to collect reports of schools that don't follow the rules.  If you see this happening, let the officials know by sending a message detailing your concerns to ldoecovid19support@la.gov.

You can also find a list of schools that have been reported here.

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