Twenty years ago this year one of the most pivotal bands in the development of the "alternative" genre of music was formed.  That band is Pearl Jam, and they are celebrating their anniversary with albums, deluxe albums, and possible a tour.

The first release is a deluxe live compilation that just came out today "Live on Ten Legs." If want to see what's inside check out this video: Alan Cross unboxes Pearl Jam\'s Live On Ten Legs at ExploreMusic

Pearl Jam's "Live on Ten Legs" is a follow up to their platinum 1998 live release, "Live on Two Legs," which consisted of performances recorded during the band's summer 1998 North American tour. "Live on Ten Legs" features 18 Pearl Jam tracks recorded over the course of the band's 2003-2010 world tours.

"Live on Ten Legs" Tracklisting:

1. Arms Aloft

2. World Wide Suicide

3. Animal

4. Got Some

5. State of Love And Trust

6. I Am Mine

7. Unthought Known

8. Rearview Mirror

9. The Fixer

10. Nothing As It Seems

11. In Hiding

12. Just Breathe

13. Jeremy

14. Public Image

15. Spin the Black Circle

16. Porch

17. Alive

18. Yellow Ledbetter