If you were in Little Rock last weekend to see Staind, you were witness to Aaron Lewis falling in line with rockstars around the world by threatening to kick someone's ass.

Axl Rose and Sebastian Back have been hit by beer bottles, Vince Neil has been hit by ice and pop stars have been hit by bottles of urine. Every so often those same artists have just had enough. They stop the show and either jump in the crowd to kick the assailant's ass, walk off the stage and end the show
or keep on playing because they are so drunk someone had to tell them they were hit by a ball of ice.

That being said, Aaron Lewis and Staind were in Little Rock last weekend and Aaron was just getting tired of being hit by balls of mud. While that does sound funny, you have to admit it would piss you off if you had what looked like a turd hit you in the head while you were singing "Outside" or "Home."

To give you an idea of how pissed Lewis was, check out the video: