For those of you heavy metal enthusiasts with a special place in your rotting soul for gore and all things representing the horror and terror culture, it is absolutely imperative that you sink your teeth into a web series called “Blood & Guts” hosted by Anthrax’s very own Scott Ian.

"I've been into horror longer than music, longer than comics. It was my first true nerd-love," say Ian. "And that love affair still burns hot all these years later. Horror has been a huge influence on my music career, my writing, and now I get to actually be a part of it by hosting 'Blood & Guts'. It's my dream gig."

‘Blood & Guts’ is actually in its third season, following two successful seasons on the Nerdist channel. A new episode can be seen every Thursday, with the season finale airing on Halloween.

In this episode of ‘Blood & Guts’, Scott Ian goes behind the scenes of Universal Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Night, where John Murdy and Chris Williams put him through through the old dead skin mask treatment. The full episode can be seen above.

For those of you that would like to catch up on previous episodes of ‘Blood & Guts’, you do that by clicking here.