Godsmack Release Video For “1000hp” [VIDEO]
First off, Sully would like to thank you for helping Godsmack's new album "1000hp" debut as the #3 selling album in Shreveport this week...
Okay...we haven't heard a word from him, but I'm sure he's thinking it, right?
Godsmack has always had a place in our heart …
We Have Our First Two People Trying to Be a 99X Staff Member
As a thank you for supporting us for the past two decades, we are giving one lucky person a chance to be a member of the 99X Staff for the Birthday Bash. The winner will be on the air, on stage, hanging with the bands and doing everything we get to do. And we've already got a couple of great vi…
Become a 99X Staff Member for Our 20th Birthday Bash
We couldn't have made it 20 years without you, our listeners. As thanks for two decades of support, we're giving one lucky person the opportunity to walk the walk and talk the talk for a day as part of the 99X team.

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