Dad Tells His Kids He’s Won The Lottery [VIDEO]
There are thousands of ways you could tell your family that you've won money. But when the amount of money is at Mega Ball levels, you actually get even more doors opened for the reveal.
Now, that looks like a Denmark flag, they're using non-American dollar amounts, and they're not speaking English, …
Check Out Louis C.K. Doing Stand Up In 1988 [VIDEO]
Louis C.K. is arguably the best stand up comic in the business today. He has a hit TV show, massive stand up specials, and can pick-and-choose what late night shows he wants to be on (and when).
But Louis wasn't always a massive star...
The Best Al Bundy Insults of All Time [VIDEO]
Back in the 90s, Al Bundy was the patron saint of miserable working men everywhere. All the things we wish we could say to customers and our bosses and to all the people that make life suck, Al said them for us. For those of us that like being gainfully employed, Al is there for us to live out our f…
Nick Offerman Drinks Whiskey By A Yule Log For 44 Minutes [VIDEO]
Nick Offerman is one of the biggest bros on the face of the Earth. This comedian came to fame by playing a larger-than-life version of himself on the TV hit Parks and Recreation, Ron Swanson.
Offerman has his own woodshop, speaks in monotone about everything, and LOVES a good stiff drink...
Watch this video of guitar fails, and notice that it's not just amateurs who are sometimes perplexed by this six-stringed thing. These fails range from the guitar doesn't work to the guitarist is a suckbag.

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