What Porn Were Women Searching For This Valentine’s Day?
This past Sunday was Valentine's Day, you all knew that (unless you didn't do anything on Sunday, were in a relationship, got dumped Monday, and can't figure out why...then maybe you didn't know). Everyone is probably aware because they were doing some activity with their signifi…
Get Your Wrestlemania Chants Ready [VIDEO]
This week, we announced that 99X will be sending you to Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas, starting on Monday. So to make sure you're in shape for Wrestlemania, let's go over some of the best WWE Fan chants least according to WWE.
See, some of my favorite chants would never make a WW…
Animania Welcomes Josh Martin From Dragon Ball Z
2nd & Charles Animania has grown into a powerful force in the Shreveport/Bossier geek culture. This year's event will be March 5th and 6th at the Bossier City 2nd & Charles on Airline Dr.
The weekend will be full of video game tournaments, prizes, cosplay contests, and special gu…
These Two News Anchors HATE Each Other [VIDEO]
Let's play a fun game. Let us try to figure out why these two hate each other. We can even make this multiple choice. Let's do it before you watch the video:

They both really want to sleep with each other, but can't admit it
They DID sleep with each other, and it got weird
The dude slept with her daugh…

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