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About VCC Janitorial
Originally located on the corner of Benton and Texas Street, VCC got its name, the Vacuum Cleaner Clinic, by just selling and repairing vacuum cleaners. With only three employees, Hill then decided that he wasn’t content with just vacuums, which is how “janitorial supplies&Clos…
VCC Janitorial FAQ
Do we rent machines out?
Yes. Customers can visit our store and rent a variety of machines. We can even have our experts tell you how to pick up and get rid of those nasty spots for good! Auto scrubbers, low speeds, high speeds, and even wet dry vac...
Learn How to Buy Property from the City or Parish
Every year, governments auction off properties with outstanding tax bills. For some folks this is a complicated process. But others make lots of money doing this.
You can get all the details about how to do this during a community information session.

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