Activists Groups Are Now Protesting People Fishing
The video of one of these incidents has now gone viral from a group protesting guys fishing at a park in Florida. But this is going a step beyond protesting to now harrassment.
Bob Hope told ABC Action News that him and his family were fishing when they were approached at first by a young boy wh…
Legoland Coming to Texas!
Not only will you be able to get your fill of Lego fun, but the site will also feature a 4-D theater, themed rides, and an impressive new aquarium!
Glo Airlines Suspends Service Effective July 15th
New Orleans-based GLO Airlines has decided to suspend service beginning Saturday while it searches for a new operator. According to a press release, GLO is suspending services due to having to "cancel an excessive number of flights due to the inability and unwillingness of their flight oper…
Man With Ax Demands To Hear A Song On The Radio
Crazy people are attracted to radio.  Somehow in their addled minds, they believe that the on-air personalities are speaking only to them, or that the signal is being broadcast straight into their brains, or that the radio station should answer to their beck and call...

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