The Top Rated Dive Bars In Shreveport On Yelp
There are a couple of points I feel like I need to make as I start writing this. First, I love dive I have never considered the term derogatory, even though some may. Secondly, the bars listed as 'dive bars' on Yelp may not be considered 'dive bars' by many...
EA UFC 2 Review (Xbox One)
EA UFC 2 is one of the most realistic UFC games since THQ reinvigorated the MMA genre with UFC Undisputed back in 2009, and I'm still not sure if that's good or bad. On one hand I have to plan out each fight as if I were mapping out strategies for a real MMA fight — which will never…
A $12 McDonald’s Hamburger? [VIDEO]
McDonald's has released a new menu item in some locations across the country.'s a new menu, all together. It's touchscreen wonderland of the finest ingredients that the burger giant has, displayed prominently in the lobby.

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