Throwback Thursday: 99X Calendar Girls [PICS]
We're cleaning some things up in the office, and came across some piles of pictures from former 99X Calendar photo shoots. When we were looking through all of them, we thought that since everyone enjoyed scoring those calendars 'back in the day', you might appreciate seeing some more …
Top 6 Porn Stars From Arkansas [PICS]
A while back, a simple conversation in the office turned into a phenomenon on our website. That conversations led to the investigative pieces to discover what adult film stars are from the states of Louisiana and Texas.
Since everyone loved those posts, we started to look around and ask "Wha…
Twitter Censorship Could Ban 10 Million Users
Twitter is one of the last 'Free Speech' beacons in the social media world. But if you believe the folks on Wall Street, that's about to change.
Can't wait to see this scene! RT @DeanCapture: Uh-oh……, this could get interesting: @RavenRockette @undeux @Twistys pic...
Japan’s New ‘Silver’ Porn Phenomenon [VIDEO]
If you know anything about Japan's culture, you are probably aware of their affinity for the adult film industry. They're not shy about it, former MLB All Star Hideki Matsui reportedly owns more than 55,000 adult films in his collection.
There's multiple levels of animated porn, pixela…
Top 11 Porn Stars From Texas [GIFS]
Weeks ago a weird conversation in the office turned into an often cited post on our site. That post was about the Top 5 Porn Stars From Louisiana. For a solid week, people were responding with their choices, who we missed, and a lot of "wow, I didn't know she was from here".
20 Hottest Japanese Porn Stars
Adult film stars are usually heralded as some of the finest ladies to shed some skin and get down to business in front of a rolling camera, but things are a bit grander in the Land of the Rising Sun, especially with the 20 Hottest Japanese Porn Stars.
10 Actors And Actresses Who Got Their Start In Porn
This list is pretty interesting, not just for who's on it, but for what the creator considers porn. The definition of porn is a little loose here, but then again the definition of actress is too when you lump Sasha Grey in with the likes of Jon Hamm and Helen Mirren...

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