Airplane bathrooms are horrible. They are small, the smell like death, and overall give you the feeling that some 'Final Destination' type stuff is about to happen to you in the very near future.

Well ultrabudget airline, RyanAir, is planning on giving its passengers the opportunity to watch porno during flights.  Big Boss, Michael O'Leary told British tabloid the Sun that he hopes to offer a pay-per-view porn service similar to those offered in hotel rooms through a new Ryanair app on smartphones.

"I'm not talking about having it on screens on the back of seats for everyone to see," he told the paper. "It would be on handheld devices" such as iPhones, iPods and devices of the like.

A lot of critics are saying it is a bad idea. Viewing porn in the privacy of a hotel room is one thing, but sitting next to an old perv spanking his monkey for two hours is a completely different animal. Plus, trips to the bathroom just got a whole lot more interesting. Make sure to pack a poncho and rain coat cause things could get wet.