Only in America.  The Tin Roof Brewery has been chosen to produce an official beer of the LSU Tigers, and you get to help. You can register to be part of a taste panel that helps select the way the new official beer tastes. Just register at, and if you are selected, you will sample from between 8 to 12 test batches of beer that could become the winning brew. Registration to be a part of this sacred event continues through June 8th.

William McGhee, co-founder of the Tin Roof Brewery, says, "We're shooting to release this just before Labor Day, which is when LSU kicks off Wisconsin. That'll give us plenty of time from whenever we name the winner to get in all of our ingredients and brew it on a big scale." Big scale indeed.

Hopeful participants must be at least 21 years of age, and show due humbleness and awe at being part of such a pivotal point in the history of man.