Some people decide to join a rock band for the chicks. Some do it for the money. And some do it because they just love to play music. I dare say Dave Grohl fits into the latter. You can't get more famous than Dave. Safe to say he's got a few bucks in his wallet. Chicks? I'm sure he's got that covered. But fame and fortune don't seem to affect him. But watch him pick up a guitar, or get behind a mic or a drum kit, and you can tell the guy loves what he's doing. Put him on stage with one of his idols - yes, he not only respects his elders, he literally worships them - and he literally lights up.

Take a few minutes and watch the Foo Fighters performance with Mick Jagger on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. The Foo nail it, and Grohl and Jagger are two guys having the time of their lives. I get chills every time I watch it. This is what Rock & Roll is all about.