Are Christmas carols putting you to sleep this year? Then YouTuber Charlie Parra del Riego is here to snap you wide awake. It's Tchaikovsky meets metal.Del Riego's lightning-fast licks help make this heavy metal cover of "March from The Nutcracker" a headbanger's dream come true.

When people hear "March from the Nutcracker," they picture ballerinas and sugar plum fairies. This video, with del Riego's rocker looks and awesome guitar licks, puts a completely different spin on this popular piece of music.

Keeping his concentration focused on fast, high-powered picking, del Riego produces a version that gives rockers everywhere their very own Christmas tribute.

Turning "March," a classical piece of music from the Romantic Period, into a rock-worthy Christmas ballad with screaming metal guitar riffs, is an accomplishment.

Play this while opening presents under the Christmas tree, and be sure to turn the volume up for a very metal Christmas!