I can't say I ever had an uncomfortable moment watching a TV show with my parents. Mainly because we always watched what THEY wanted to watch, and if they knew there would be "questionable" content involved...well, that's when it was time for me to go to my room and do my homework.

Not being a spoiled rotten little douche, there was no TV in my room - and since this was before the days of smartphones, iPads, or high speed internet - homework or reading a book were my only options. Unless I wanted to check out the Playboy I "borrowed" from my brother. Again.

Kids today have options. With services like HBO Go, anything that's on TV or in theaters is also streaming on their phones, their tablets, or their laptops. In glorious HD. I hate you little punks. Every one of you. And, by the way, get off of my lawn! But I digress.

In a series of new commercials, HBO Go lets me vicariously experience those uncomfortable family moments, while showing the younger generation why they should squall for a new digital device at every opportunity:

Here's one for Game of Thrones, which Paul Rudd is definitly not involved in:

Interested in finding out some of your strange relatives bizarre secrets? No, I didn't think so...

Mom understands more than you give her credit for, right?

Can't you just feel the love? Can't you?!?!?!? You're right, it may be indigestion...

What DOES Dad do when he's out of town on those long business trips? Apparently nothing.

And what would HBO be without True Blood? Network TV, that's what. And nobody likes that stuff...